The State Commission for Women is a statutory autonomous body constituted under West Bengal Commission for Women Act of 1992 and was established on 22.6.1992 in pursuance of     the West Bengal Commission for Women Act of 1952.

             The Commission is mandated to primary look at the socio-legal aspects of different problems faced by women in the State. The Commission works independently on social and legal aspects of Women’s problems in the State. The Commission recommends to the State Government policy issues, regularly publishes journals, organize meeting, seminar and sensitize various stakeholders to address problem in ameliorating the distress of women and girl children.

                Activities of the Commission includes:

                a) Quasi judicial proceedings in the matter of violence against women, advocacy and research related to women’s issues.

               b) Sensitization of different wings of administration within Government and policy recommendations. In particular the Act                  enables the commission to

                                  (i)   Investigate and examine all matters relating to safeguards provided for women under the Constitution.

                                  (ii)  Review the existing provision of the Constitution and other laws affecting women.

                     (iii) Look into complaints and take suo moto to notices of matters relating to deprivation of women’s rights, non                                  implementation of laws relating to protection of women, non compliance of policy decisions etc. call for special                                  studies or  investigation and others.

                                 For details visit:

                                 Website : www. wbcw. org

                                Email address:  wbcw @ bsnl. net


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